About the Blue Zones

About the Blue Zones

"The secret to reaching a hundred years, healthy and happily!"”

The five Blue Zones on Earth are areas where a relatively high amount of people easily live to see the age of a hundred, in a vital, healthy and happy way.

The five Blue Zones are:

In 2004, writer and researcher Dan Buettner visited these places, together with a team of National Geographic scientists. Together with his team, he established that the inhabitants in these Blue Zones adhere to nine life rules. The secret to a longer life is in the daily things the Blue Zone inhabitants do.

The nine life rules are:

Exercise naturally

Exercise the way your ancestors did. In the Blue Zones, people walk everywhere, practice yoga and work in agriculture.

A goal

Have a goal when you get out of bed in the morning. A life goal, a passion.


Plan a moment during the day, during which you don't have to do anything. Take a nap or meditate to get rid of the tension in your life.

80% rule

Don't eat until your full; prevent this feeling from occuring. Have your smallest meal at the end of the day and don't eat during the evening.

Plant-based food

Eat lots of beans, greens and nuts. Little to no meat. Blue Zone inhabitants rarely eat meat, and if they do, they do so in small quantities.


Drink one to two glasses of wine a day, during the largest meal of the day.


Regardless of religion, Blue Zone inhabitants all belong to a religious community.

The right environment

The right environment with strong familie ties and friendships are characteristics of a long and healthy life.


Family takes the number one spot. Take care of your (grand)parents, be there for your family and loved ones and be loyal to them.

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