Blue Zones Experience

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live a longer, better life


Discover the secret to become 100
years in a happy and healthy way

Costa Rica

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Blue Zones

Live Life happier,
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Welcome to Blue Zones Experience

""The secret to reaching a hundred years, healthy and happily!

The Blue Zones are five areas on earth where a relatively high amount of people easily live to see the age of a hundred, in a vital, healthy and happy way.

Blue Zones Experience offers private consumers and companies the opportunity to see the life of the Blue Zone inhabitants with their own eyes. We create a custom made programme for you that, literally and figuratively, lets you have a peek in their kitchen. Through our inspiring trips we show you the secret to reaching the age of a hundred in a healthy and happy way. We also work with you to translate this into your daily life, in an area not situated in a Blue Zone.

“Start on the path to live a longer, better life." 

Blue Zones Experience Motivators

During our trips to the Blue Zones you will be accompanied by one of our speakers. Not only can they tell you everything about the Blue Zones, they're also amazing motivators. The combination of the people in the company, their preference and they availability of the speaker decide who will accompany you.

Here you find a selection of our Blue Zones Expereince Motivators.



Het ontstaan van Blue Zones Experience

Irene de Kom-Avogadri is eigenaresse van Blue Zones Experience. Geboren op het eiland Sardinië, is zij naast ondernemer ook echtgenote en moeder van twee kinderen.

Zij raakte gefascineerd door The Blue Zones en merkte op dat mensen in haar omgeving ook enthousiast en geïnteresseerd raakten. Met Blue Zones Experience wil zij mensen en bedrijven de kans geven een kijkje te nemen in het leven van de Blue Zones bewoners. Op deze wijze wil zij mensen en bedrijven inspireren om hun eigen ‘Blue Zone’ te creëren, zowel zakelijk als privé.