Blue Zones Experience Motivators

During our trips to the Blue Zones you will be accompanied by one of our speakers. Not only can they tell you everything about the Blue Zones, they're also amazing motivators. The combination of the people in the company, their preference and they availability of the speaker decide who will accompany you.

Here you find a selection of our Blue Zones Expereince Motivators.

Jörgen Raymann

Jorgen-RaymannSome know Jörgen as a TV-presentor or as a comedian, but nowadays he is also a motivational speaker.

In 2008, Jörgen had the privelege to spend a few days with Stedman Graham.

He only knew him as Oprah Winfrey's husband. After he got to know Stedman, Oprah quickly became 'the wife of'. Stedman was a wonderfully inspiring motivator who, with his '9 steps to success', stimulated him to change his outlook on life. Jörgen was fascinated by the way Stedman used his own life and success to motivate others. The '9 steps' are a fantastic method and Jörgen wanted to help people in the same way.

When Jörgen heard about the Blue Zones Expereince, his enthusiasm was immediately peaked. We see a great motivator in him. Jörgen believes that the 'Power 9' can be reached by anyone. even those not currently living in a Blue Zone.

Anouk Smulders

AnoukPeople know Anouk Smulders as a TV-presentor and a model. For years she walked in the fashion shows of great designers such as Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Yves Saint Lauren. She lived in Paris, New York, Miami and London for ten years. Today Anouk can be seen as a lifestyle specialist on RTL Boulevard and as the presentor of Holland's Next Top Model.

Healthy eating and exercise are essential to Anouk, but enjoying life and her family are always Number One. This is also an important factor in the Blue Zones. What many people don't know is that Anouk also has a spiritual side. This, in combination with her huge interest in the Blue Zones, make her a perfect motivator and travel companion during your Blue Zones Experience.

Ronny van de Ven

Ronny van de VenRonny van de Ven is a well known personal coach, through and through. His passion is training and motivating individuals and groups of people. He likes to transfer the satisfaction he himself gets from exercise to his participants. Pushing boundaries and reaching goals are the main objectives for him and his students. Ronny believes in natural exercise and using the body's own strength during a training. He sees this as a trip to better health, with an all-around, more fit life as the end goal.

Blue Zones Experience find in Ronny an ambitious motivator, because he believes that a combination of lifestyle and mindset can strongly increase your quality of life.

Ronny wants to motivate and stimulate others apply these life rules in an area outside of a Blue Zone.